Save Your Time for Patients, Not Suppliers

Save Your Time for Patients, Not Suppliers

Suppose you were given a choice of how you could spend your time, would you want to spend more time with your patients or your suppliers?

Some days in an independent pharmacy, even grabbing a few moments to gobble down lunch seems a luxury.

Below are tips to help free-up some of your time and help save up to $100K per year in true cost savings as a TRxADE member! (Click here to see a video testimonial of a fellow Pharmacist saving up to six digits annually on TRxADE)

How to Eliminate Calls from Suppliers

Once you start using TRxADE on a regular basis, it will become clear that you don’t need to be called by suppliers anymore. Here’s what you should do.

  • Encourage your suppliers to post their offers on TRxADE, because that’s where you’ll be looking

o   If their pricing is great, it will show on TRxADE and they will earn your business with real-time pricing vs. their opinion (sales pitch).

o   TRxADE is always receptive to adding new suppliers who can pass our extensive vetting process

o   On TRxADE, they will have the ability to create Daily Deals that will blow away the competition

o   When an offer is truly better than average, it will automatically show up among TRxADE’s  Opportunity Buys

  • Tell your suppliers,

“Thank you for calling, but we use TRxADE to guarantee lowest pricing.”

Once you’ve replaced pricing uncertainty with transparency, you’ll never go back to the old, wasteful system. And your patients will be grateful.

How TRxADE Goes to Bat for You

Thanks to our members, after five years of putting independent pharmacies first, TRxADE has earned its position as an industry innovator and advocate.

  • We never stop negotiating with suppliers to provide you with the best terms in the industry
  • We use the average Pharmacy Acquisition Cost (PAC) to give our suppliers a target to best
  • We encourage suppliers to continuously monitor and lower their pricing to earn your business

Did you know? Some suppliers update their catalog pricing on TRxADE’s site every hour.

Why? Because competing for our members’ business forces them to.

Our members have the power to control price changes! With your collective purchasing power (close to $100 Million annually), our members can finally say they have some control over pricing! That is great! If our suppliers do not offer you the best price, you don’t buy from them and you go to your Primary! It’s as simple as that! Pay the favor back when you see a great price and buy! It’s a win-win for all!

Coming Soon – New TRxADE Websites

We are making big changes to our websites. The addresses will remain the same, but the experiences will be much improved.

  • In the next three weeks, we will launch a new public website (replacing this one) for our

o   Blog

o   Training materials

o   Tips to save money and maximize your day to day operations

o   Important news

  • A revamped TRxADE marketplace site is on the horizon. Thanks to feedback from our members, we are addressing the need for you to get as much out of TRxADE as possible in as little time as necessary. This project, which began six months ago, will result in a new, easier to use interface that will give members new options to save time and money. Stay tuned.

As always, we come to work every day with the purpose of helping your independent pharmacy thrive. Please use the comment area below to let us know how we’re doing.