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Trxade Testimonials, Reviews, & Feedback

With more than 10,000 Pharmacies now using Trxade, we are always grateful when our members tell us how we’re doing. Here are remarks from a few of them. Like these pharmacy owners and managers, if you’re looking to compare market prices with what your suppliers charge or buy pharmaceuticals at substantial savings, Trxade is for you.

New Member Video Testimonial: Katie with Jordan Pharmacy (Savings of $960,000 Per Year, One Store Using Trxade!)

New Member Video Testimonial: Courtney with Shellman Drug Co Pharmacy

Video Testimonial: Jeff, Independent Pharmacist and Trxade Member at 2015 PDS Conference

Video Testimonial: Holly, Independent Pharmacist and Trxade Member at 2015 PDS Conference

Written Testimonials

“We have been using Trxade for approximately six months. We knew with the price of generic drugs rising faster than reimbursement, there must be another source for purchasing inventory. That is how we discovered Trxade. Having access to multiple wholesalers via one website is a tremendous time saver. I am confident we are getting the best prices. Trxade has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve.”

– William, Pharmacist/Owner, Kenmore, NY

“We consider ourselves savvy inventory managers, Trxade most definitely helps with our efforts. When refusing to turn over invoices to compare pricing models we were downgraded by our primary wholesale outlet and had our brand rebate readjusted due to our shift in generic purchases.

We are told that insurance contracting should be our focus, not purchasing… we should settle for a 22% rebate on generic purchases and a 5% for brand. Hog wash! If using Trxade didn’t hurt the primary outlet they wouldn’t penalize our brand rebate nor use roc scores to determine rebates.

We turned the table and asked to have a mock order invoice set up so we could enter our own purchasing data for one month to determine what rebates would be issued and just how much our cost would be with the primary wholesaler vs. our current Trxade model. No reply… we have been stalled by our primary outlet! The even more disturbing notion is one of the secondary outlets (that sells on Trxade) is owned by our primary source and the prices listed in Trxade trumps our primary distributor! Sick!

Stay the course fellow independents! It is worth the time to log on and compare on Trxade! Refuse to swallow the primary distributor’s pill of price deception.”

– Brett L., Pharmacist/Owner, Madison, NE

“Trxade’s customer service is always very helpful. Once we got the hang of it, using Trxade has been very easy. Before we order from our primary or secondary supplier, we always check their prices against what’s available on Trxade. When the price on Trxade is lower by at least 10%, we purchase there and stock up on that item. Trxade has saved us a lot of money.”

– Larry K., Pharmacist/Owner, Mapleshade, NJ

“With third party reimbursement at an all-time low, we have to be careful about what we are dispensing and where we buy it from. I don’t have time to talk to ten different secondary wholesalers throughout the day! Trxade makes it easy to shop prices at my convenience and creates a competitive atmosphere among secondary wholesalers which drives prices lower. Now I don’t have to take a dozen phone calls a day from reps. I know I’m getting the best price the market has to offer!”

– Joe A., Pharmacist/Owner, Wellsville, OH

“I started using Trxade because I became convinced as a community pharmacy that I had to take measures to control costs and enhance reimbursements. I plan my marketing program around specialties that exist in my community that have greater margins of profit. I can expand my business through using many of the analytic tools available to me at no cost or obligation. What a breath of fresh air; a partner that does not dominate and or control my every pharmacy function. Their system has really assisted me in target marketing and increasing revenue by having a real-time system that communicates to me and knows my margins before I purchase.”

– Joanne R., Lead Technician, Atlanta, GA

“The people at Trxade are always willing to go the extra mile to resolve any problem with my order. The difference between Trxade and other suppliers is that I am assured of the lowest cost possible each time I order. I have really maximized my margins and my cost of goods on generic products has actually dropped.”

– Amit P., Owner, Phoenix, AZ

“Like any endeavor, you have to make a commitment. Now that we have purchased from Trxade’s web-based system for over eight months, it has become really smooth. The data available from using their analytical tools really allows me to see around corners and prepare myself in a tough marketplace. When a competing representative calls on me or our staff we just let them know that we purchase through Trxade and we know we are getting the lowest cost on all our purchases. Our commitment to Trxade has saved us time and money.”

– Jud S., Pharmacist/Owner, Nashville, TN

“Trxade has quick order times and prompt & professional responses from their Member Support Team. It took us just a few hours to learn how to utilize the system and evaluate pricing. We knew that we were purchasing the lowest priced product from almost all possible sources when utilizing their real-time, web-based system. Just as importantly, we had a real understanding of what our reimbursement would be on that purchased product.”

– Larry G., Pharmacist/Owner, Dallas, TX

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us get started with Trxade. Since we opened our account we have been able to source several hard to get Generics. The service and the prices are great. We have decided to open another account at our second location.

– Mike L., Operations Manager, Terrytown, LA

“I like it. I like seeing prices and different companies all together. I hate having 10 different accounts open. It is great. Prices are good and I will continue to use.”

– Amit K., Pharmacist/Owner, Yucca Valley, CA

“The best thing about Trxade is the ability to comb multiple suppliers for a product in a single search query, in a single window. The simplicity of Trxade really serves to whittle down the time needed to find a medication at the cheapest acquisition cost, which is a huge boon as a busy independent! “

– Josh H., Operator, Columbia, MO

“It has saved me lots of money already. It also helps me keep my primary wholesaler honest with their prices as well.”

– John H., Pharmacist/Owner, La Jolla, CA

“Everything is going great! Trxade is exactly what I was looking for before I went to the PDS conference. We used you guys for a few drugs here and there, but we will definitely use you guys more to save money.”

– Trushar P., Director, Franklin Lakes, NJ