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Founded by an independent pharmacist in 2010, the Trxade platform offers true price transparency, industry leading cost comparison tools, and advanced search features that put you in control of your pharmacy purchases like never before. We are the leading pharmaceuticals e-commerce marketplace featuring 50+ pedigree and ADD compliant wholesalers price competing for your business in real time like Amazon and eBay. We offer pharmacies a complete solution to manage costs, maximize savings, and complete purchase orders across suppliers, all while staying on top of industry pricing trends at no cost to its members. It’s free to join! Our loyal members save over $10,000 per month by simply buying 2-10% outside of their Primary Supplier. Regain control of your pharmacy’s assets with Trxade!

About Trxade

Trxade Health (NASDAQ: MEDS) is a health services IT company focused on digitalizing the retail pharmacy experience by optimizing drug procurement, the prescription journey and patient engagement in the U.S. The Company operates the TRxADE drug procurement marketplace serving a total of 12,700+ members nationwide, fostering price transparency and under the Bonum Health brand, offering patient centric telehealth services. For more information on Trxade Health, please visit the Company’s IR website at

Our management team has extensive experience in healthcare, management, and technology. In just a few years, Trxade has earned the respect and admiration of pharmacists and pharmaceutical suppliers which has allowed it to compete and prosper against the most formidable competitors. With this competitive advantage and the credibility it has established in the industry, we pursue this market with the highest expectations. Trxade brings together buyers and sellers of pharmaceutical products and services under an umbrella of trust, technology, and transparency. Thus, we have created a vibrant community of pharmaceutical members that are eager to embrace the challenges of today’s economic marketplace.

We are focused on cost containment and efficiency and hold true to our mission of providing our members with an advantage over their competition. Trxade’s flexible marketplace encourages price transparency and access to some of the strongest supply houses in the nation. Our strategy is to utilize price analytics and supplier independence to increase our competitiveness and pass that advantage directly to our members. We offer our members the best pricing and availability of generic and brand pharmaceuticals. In doing so, we have opened channels of distribution, which in turn, alleviates product shortages and reduces higher priced pharmaceuticals while maintaining a superior level of service for our members.

Our Culture: The behaviors of all Trxade employees are defined by our Winning Ways; three powerful words Commit, Connect & Challenge unite our culture and define how we act and interact with our members.

  • Commit: We are accountable and socially responsible. We never compromise on quality. We deliver what we promise!
  • Connect: We work as a team to create and share best practices. We seek to be the partner of choice!
  • Challenge: We think and act faster and develop technology to provide creative solutions. We always go the extra distance!

We are the pharmacy-first pharmaceutical wholesaler marketplace that offers you:

  • Industry leading cost comparison tools
  • Clear view of Pharmaceutical Acquisition Costs (PAC™)
  • Safe, secure online access to price comparison shopping
  • Free registration, free training, and free support

The 50+ wholesale pharmaceutical suppliers on Trxade each pay a small transaction fee (similar to sellers on Amazon or eBay) in order to compete for your business.

On Trxade, the pharmacy is in control.

Help is a phone call away

Whenever you need help using Trxade, simply call the Member Support Team at 1-800-805-8705.

Should you be a Trxade member?

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