Behind the technology – people helping independent pharmacies [Video]

Meet the TRxADE Membership Assistance Team

Did you know that TRxADE has a team of people dedicated to helping you become adept at using our marketplace website to compare prices, purchase pharmaceuticals, and sell overstock (where permitted by law)?

Why? Because while our technology gets the headlines, it’s only as good as our members’ ability to use it. That’s where the Membership Assistance Team comes in.

3 Stages of membership

These are the unheralded folks who help independent pharmacies in each stage of membership.

  1. Still thinking about joining TRxADE? Membership Consultants give live demos of the TRxADE marketplace, assist new members with the registration process, and reach out to independent pharmacies to make them aware of TRxADE.
  2. Once you’ve become a member, an Implementation Wizard will teach you how to use the various TRxADE search and comparison tools quickly and easily. If your pharmacy is located in a state where Pharmacy-to-Pharmacy sales are permitted by law, they also will show you how to use TRxADE’s Pharmacy-to-Pharmacy platform for listing and buying pharmaceuticals.
  3. Once you’ve completed five transactions, a Client Relations Specialist will be assigned to assist you on an as-needed basis.

Watch the video

The video below will give you a peek behind the technology curtain and introduce you to members of the Membership Assistance Team.

Click to view video - How TRxADE's Membership Assistance Team helps independent pharmacies

As you may have noticed…

Each Membership Consultant has his or her preferred way of beginning their demonstration of how the TRxADE marketplace works. That’s because there are so many ways to save money using TRxADE. So, when you schedule a live demo, be prepared to see a number of ways to use TRxADE.

Our Implementation Wizards are committed to your success. They understand pharmaceuticals purchasing and will show you how to put TRxADE to good use.

Even after your pharmacy has become an accomplished TRxADE user, we won’t abandon you. Your Client Relations Specialist is eager to help you with your order.

Don’t be shy about asking for help

If you need help with TRxADE, just ask for it. The Membership Assistance Team is available Monday – Friday from 9am – 6pm (eastern time) by calling 800-261-0281.