The Future of the Pharmacy World

The Future of the Pharmacy World

The Future of the Pharmacy World

Technology, Knowledge, Medicine

The wave of the future may not include the hover boards as predicted in the popular, 1989 film, Back To The Future II, but the Pharmacy World will be seeing the implementation of tele-pharmacies, pharmacogenomics, smart lenses and the use of radio frequency technology. An incredible service that is being discussed is using radio frequencies via beacons in the parking lot of a pharmacy that will alert the pharmacist via an iPad of typical products that patient buys. This can help increase profitability and repeat customers. As you can see the Pharmacy world is growing and changing rapidly. As independent pharmacists it’s important to stay informed and progress with the times. “The pharmacist’s role has grown and evolved over the years to become more inclusive of patients’ health care needs as a whole. Patients can now look to their pharmacy as a total health care provider, and today’s pharmacists play an important role in improving patient outcomes…

Pharmacists are definitely thinking, talking, and evaluating what the future holds for their profession in the context of all the recent sweeping changes in health care policy” (Pharmacy Times). Dan Benamoz, RPh and CEO of the Palm Beach, FL-based Pharmacy Development Services shared that Alcon and Google are creating a “smart contact lens” that will revolutionize the way patients manage their Diabetes. This lens will be a minimally invasive way to continuously monitor blood glucose levels from a patient’s lacrimal fluid which will communicate these readings with a mobile device via Wi-Fi. Another product, the Hololens by Microsoft, allows Pharmacists to access medical information and prescription information via eyeglasses. It took 5 years to develop and was announced in early 2015. This gives Pharmacists the ability to give immediate counseling and education to patients.

Pharmacogenomics, or the study of the role of genetics predicting drug response, is another up-and-coming theme for Pharmacists and Providers. “The DNA Medical Institute created rHealth, a portable handheld device that can diagnose hundreds of diseases using a single drop of blood. Now, we could be looking at biomarkers to identify early indicators of serious ailments. I think the technology will be used by national labs such as Quest Diagnostics”, Benamoz stated (Drug Topics). About ten million people are currently using tele-pharmacy services, and the number is rising, especially due to the Obama Administration endorsing it. To stay competitive, it’s good to think about offering this service to patients, but make sure the Pharmacy Board in your state approve.

Extra: Step Into The Future With USF’s Health Pharmacy Plus

Not too far from Trxade headquarters, University of South Florida in Tampa is introducing Pharmacy Plus. The Pharmacy of the Future revolutionizes the Pharma industry and catapults it into the future with tools to improve and maximize profits, while minimizing risks. USF Health Pharmacy Plus is a national prototype giving us a preview of what may become the standard for the future, today.

Below are some bullet points from USF’s website on how using technology, knowledge, and medicine the pharmacy of the future plans to improve the quality of the patient’s needs.

Imagine a future where:

+ The pharmacist plays an integral role on your healthcare team.
+ You keep the healthy conversation going with both technology and human interaction.
+ It’s about more than taking a pill. It’s about how we will use innovative new tools to help you live healthier.
+ You receive health advice from your mobile device.
+ Your doctor’s prescription sends you to an online, multimedia learning experience as often as it does to the pharmacy.
+ Medication is personalized specifically for you.
+ You can check your health as easily as you check your email.

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