BestRx is always evaluating new partnerships in an effort to provide you with access to other value-added services that support your pharmacy’s growth. That’s why we are excited to share details about a new integration we’re working on with DelivMeds, and an opportunity for your pharmacy to join our pilot program.

DelivMeds is a new, innovative way for patients to manage their prescriptions and receive convenient prescription deliveries from the pharmacy of their choosing.

DelivMeds also offers many benefits for pharmacies, too. Once you’re enrolled, DelivMeds helps you to grow your business by displaying your pharmacy as an option for nearby customers looking to have their scripts filled. It’s an easy way to attract new patients (and prescriptions) to your pharmacy. Plus, DelivMeds integrates with your BestRx and BestPOS software to:

  • Transfer Rx & insurance information to your pharmacy electronically. This way you don’t have to spend time on the phone or entering data.
  • Collect any associated payment/co-insurance for the prescription, which will be passed on to your pharmacy via Stripe.
  • Coordinate the delivery with the patient and secure a driver for the delivery through their national ride-sharing partner.

How it Works
The app is FREE for patients to download (from the Apple App and Google Play stores) and use. Once a patient has downloaded the app:

  • Their prescriptions can be sent directly to DelivMeds by the prescriber.
  • They will be notified whenever they have a prescription to claim in the app.
  • They can access their prescription(s) using a claim code they’ll receive via a secure text and select a participating pharmacy nearby to have the script filled.
  • They can set their delivery preferences and location.
  • They can submit payment (if applicable) and track their delivery.
  • Using the DelivMed app, patients can also: (Coming Soon) Access Telemedicine & Telepharmacy services

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Joining our pilot program now enables your pharmacy to be one of the first to market this innovative prescription delivery service. For exclusive access to the prescriptions that will be flowing through the DelivMeds Hub, we encourage you to enroll today!

For additional information about DelivMeds, visit:

2625 Butterfield Road, Suite 200S
Oak Brook, IL 60523